Our client, Built Corporation, in conjunction with their client Walker Corporation, Parramatta City Council and Property NSW broke ground in December 2017 on the 4 Parramatta Square project, signalling the start of construction on the first instalment in the $2.4 billion Parramatta Square development.

AnewX was awarded the contract to construct the complex civil dive structure at Parramatta 4P, adjacent to the live Parramatta rail station. The key to the projects success was the detailed staging planning which used compact piling machines, and when combined with precast bridge techniques, maintained 24/7 access to adjoining stakeholders.

In a collaborative manner, AnewX and Built developed the staging plans and precast methodology to ensure 24/7 access to both Parramatta rail station and the adjoining basement carpark to one of NSW’s most critical infrastructure providers. AnewX undertook all elements of the dive structure, including service relocations and contamination disposal.

One of the innovative strategies employed was the utilisation of a truck turntable at the site access, so that all materials entering and leaving the very restricted site area could always enter and exit in a forward motion.


Parramatta Square / Parramatta NSW

Services applied


  • Traffic management works (TMPs) including work staging plans
  • Design and installation of truck turntable for safe entry and exit to site
  • Weekly site co-ordination meetings with all affected stakeholders
  • Bored piles and shotcrete retention elements to dive structure
  • Bulk excavation and disposal, including contaminated materials and relocation and co-ordination of services
  • Precast bridge planks including capping beams and parapet walls
  • Final traffic hardware to new intersection, including associated line marking.

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