These two Projects were awarded to AnewX based on our specialist foundation alternative designs, integrated into a foundation product that would be constructed using our small and unique XD9 foundation machines.

The size and weight of the machine (< than 5T) allowed the XD-9 low head room machines to install foundation piles in both restricted areas in both plan and height.

At the Parramatta wharf upgrade, the conforming sheet pile design was challenging to install in LHR conditions and would have likely caused vibration damage to an adjacent live critical 600mm sewer.

AnewX redesigned a temporary steel tube solution, screwed into place to retain soil, to enable the new revetment works to proceed. This design incorporated a bespoke screw pile joint to enable installation of the steel pile in limited head room. When tendering for the works on the working platforms at Central Station, AnewX designers recognised the opportunity to redesign existing piles to enable installation by our compact LHR XD-9 foundation machines.

In a collaborative environment working with the head contractor, we were able to implement this restricted low head room foundation solution, saving considerable time and money across the project.


Parramatta Wharf NSW

Services applied


  • AnewX alternative pile designs to match unique low head room foundation machinery
  • Foundation LHR XD9 machines utilise special drilling tools, designed for medium strength rock
  • Parramatta wharf involved the low vibration installation of special segmental liners
  • ¬†Central Station piles installed under existing canopy, in a live Sydney rail station, without the need for any structural modification.